Get Tied Up! 10 Show Stopping Bow Ties To Wear This Summer

Above: 10 of our favourite bow ties to wear this summer

When it comes to dressing up most guys will opt for the classic necktie. Nowadays, more men are stepping out in wearing stylish bow ties which are available in more shapes and styles than ever before.

So, in the spirit of summer, here are 10 bow ties to wear this season that will add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and will make you sing that Suit & Tie song for days.

Classic Bow Ties

Let’s start with the classics; every guy should own at least one all black or white bow tie, because no matter the trend or season these colours will never go out of style. They can be worn for any number of formal occasions and will make you look better than Jay-Z – pre-Solange Knowles throw down of course. We chose two timeless silk bow ties for you; the first is from Banana Republic Black (#1. $74) and is pre-tied making it hassle free. The other, by Toronto-based brand Dion (#2. $125), is a white satin bow tie edged with black piping creating a super sharp look when paired with a crisp suit.

Casual Bow Ties

Formal events can be few and far between these days, so instead of waiting for them to roll around once a year make bow ties a regular part of your everyday wear. Look for ones with a slim silhouette like this denim-looking bow tie from J.Crew (#3. $64), it’s made from chambray and makes an understated yet stylish addition to your casual office attire. However, if you’re on a budget, British online retailer ASOS (#4. $12.91) has a red bow tie made from linen that costs less than $20 – a steal!

Colourful Bow Ties

To elevate your style and add powerful punch to your wardrobe slip colourful bow ties around your neck; they can take jeans and a button-down shirt from drab to fab faster than you can say Kimye.Those with an urge to splurge and like their brand names designs, Lanvin (#5. $135.04) has a stunning, pre-tied mustard coloured silk tie which features an adjustable neck strap. On the other end of the spectrum, for budget conscious fellas, Le Chateau Ribbed Silk Bow Tie (#6. $39.95) has a bow tie also made from 100 percent silk but for a fraction of the Lanvin piece.

Fun Bow Ties

Life is too short and for those of you who enjoy watching the comedic geniuses of Russell Peters and Louis C.K. then opt for bold bow ties that grab instant attention. New York-based designer Alexander Olch (#7. $124.96) is one of premier names in luxury neckwear; his T.W. bow tie is made from 100 percent cotton and has more colours than a bag of Skittles. For something completely unique and extravagant, DB Lab Design, (#8. $258) has created a resin – yes we said resin – bow tie that comes with an adjustable denim strap.

Patterned Bow Ties

For men who like to take a walk on the wild side and don’t take fashion too seriously, seek out bold graphics and prints on bow ties that speak to you. This floral number by British designer Vivienne Westwood is pre-tied and made from silk, pair it with a black or navy blazer to highlight its colourful patterns. Then, we have this whimsical bow tie by Zara that reminds of a barber’s pole with its blue and white stripes, and costs a mere $29.90.

Vivienne Westwood Floral Bow Tie, $118.33; Zara Stripped Bow Tie, $29.90.

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