OBEY Launches 25th Anniversary Collection

Above: Selections from OBEY's 25th Anniversary Collection

“Keep your eyes and mind open, and question everything” – Shepard Fairey

This year marks the 25th anniversary of OBEY. In 1989, nineteen year old Shepard Fairey designed an OBEY sticker that started a worldwide pheonmena and catapulted him into the spotlight. The “Andre the Giant” image quickly began appearing on light poles, bus benches and buildings turning the message into a large scale project acting as a vehicle for Fairey’s art, commentary and mischief.

In 2001, long after the initial “Andre the Giant” hype, Fairey launched the Obey clothing line as an extension of his street art campaigns and basic T-shirts, hoodies, snapback hats became another canvas for his pop culture graphics and now recognizable logo. Gear was instantly embraced by skateboarding culture, before finding its way into more mainstream closets across North America and abroad.

This month, in celebration of the milestone, OBEY has released some of the most memorable graphics from the brands archive, all available now at: www.obeyclothing.ca.


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