Fragrance Of The Month: Ralph Lauren Polo Deep Blue Parfum

This month? We try out Ralph Lauren Polo Deep Blue Parfum

Ralph Lauren perfected the art of achievable aspiration with his first menswear tie in 1967. Polo, the sport, was barely two decades old with only a handful of elite athletes participating, yet Lauren made it accessible to the masses by designing and printing images of jockeys and horses on wide, quality strips of fabric. Wear the tie, look good and be a part of the Lauren culture was essentially the name of the game, providing men with not just the eponymous brand but rather an outdoorsy, sophisticated lifestyle even if you were just sitting at your desk, going to church on Sunday or heading to the barbershop for a haircut.

Fifty-plus years later, the man and his brand are one of the first names to roll off fashionable tongues courtesy of his head-to-toe men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, a luxe line of home décor, the Crave/HBO documentary Very Ralph and a brand new fragrance Ralph Lauren Polo Deep Blue Parfum.

Not to be outdone by the American brand’s repertoire of near 100 eaus that have also imprinted their mark on our sensibilities (hello, 1978’s Polo or Lauren for women, anyone?), Polo Deep Blue is a true stand out scent. Inspired by island life and its cool, refreshing ocean waters, the aromatic parfum opens with enticing zesty notes of green mango, grapefruit and bergamot. Stimulating, fresh and herbal notes of cypress, geranium and clary sage rise up and join the exotic citrus blend before being absorbed into a soothing, sultry wave of ocean accord, musk and patchouli. The over effect is a rare and satiating combination of sensual tranquility.

Captured in the iconic flask-like glass and encased in silver siding and topper, the slightly ombre London blue topaz-hued bottle adds to the juice’s calming appeal. It also provides unique anonymity amidst the Lauren-sea of superb smelling polo player-embossed colognes.

Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Polo Deep Blue Parfum. $110 for 75 ml, available online at

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