Fragrance Of The Month: Tiffany & Love For Him EDT

This month? We try out Tiffany & Love For Him EDT

Audrey Hepburn’s character Holly Golightly in the classic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s may have put the blue-box store on the map as every woman’s favourite shop, but George Peppard (a.k.a: Paul), despite the Cracker Jack ring he had engraved for her, made it all about love.

Fittingly, the 183-year-old luxury jewellery and silverware store has launched its third cologne for men, Tiffany & Love for Him.

Fresh and enticing like the first stages of amour, the eau de toilette opens with notes of juicy mandarin orange and spicy ginger and cardamom. Tart juniper and aromatic cypress join the mix before easing the entire elixir into warm sequoia and sandalwood with a hint of dashing vetiver. The overall effect is clean and inviting with more than a hint of sensual and sophisticated masculine energy—all in accordance with its maker’s prestigious and blue-hued DNA.

Naturally it’s captured in a smooth, glass cylinder that is engraved with the brand’s famous ampersand. So we feel it’s safe to say that this is one eau that feels as equally modern as it does nostalgic. And eh hem, possibly even ring worthy.

Tiffany & Co Love For Him EDT is $90 for 50 ml and $120 for 90 ml, available at Hudson Bay stores across Canada.

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