Grooming Questions Answered: How To Wear Fragrance

How much cologne is too much? (Photo: Sofia Andreevna/Shutterstock)

We’ve all done it: put on so much fragrance we could clear an elevator. So how do you know when enough is enough? According to Barb Stegemann, the founder & CEO of the socially conscious, sustainable Canadian fragrance company, The 7 Virtues Inc. it all depends on the kind of cologne you’re spritzing. “Heavier scents containing phthalates and parabens don’t require a heavy dousing,” says Stegemann. “The chemicals in most colognes stick to your skin and are stronger and last longer, as opposed to colognes made of natural essential oils, that give off a natural scent that is respectful.” Here are a few pointers to help you wield the bottle.

What’s the benefit of wearing fragrance?

Like the car you drive, the smart phone in your pocket, the cologne you wear is your personal, style trademark. “It’s your distinct signature,” affirms Stegemann. “It tells the world all about you without you having to say a thing.” 

 Where’s the best place to spritz?  

“The neck is the sexiest place for spritzing,” says Stegemann. It helps keep your scent up close and personal, letting you breathe it in all day long, triggering fond memories and feel-good emotions. “When my husband wears our Vetiver of Haiti, I can smell the ocean on his neck.” 

How much cologne should you apply at one time?

Three spritzes before you get dressed in the morning should do the trick. Think you need more because you can’t smell your cologne? Well, chances are you don’t, so put down the bottle. “You never want your scent to walk into a room before you do,” warns Stegemann. “So while you may think you don’t have enough on or that it has worn off, you’ve just become accustomed to the fragrance. Others will still smell the scent.” Still want more? Hold tight and wait until the end of the day to reapply.

How can your scent help separate you from the pack?

“You can blend different scents together to create your own signature trademark that no one else will have,” says Stegemann, who designed her line of five fragrances with natural essential oils for easy mix-and-match spritzing. “My husband sprays Vetiver of Haiti and adds one spray of Noble Rose of Afghanistan to create a masculine-smelling rose, which is divine.”

Curious about Halifax-based fragrance company The 7 Virtues? AmongMen recommends trying out: Afghanistan Orange Blossom, Noble Rose of Afghanistan, Vetiver of Haiti, Middle East Peace and Patchouli of Rwanda, 50 ml for $70, available online at The 7 Virtues and at the Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada.

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