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Dry hair don’t care? You should. It can be a barometer for your hair and scalp’s overall health. Dry hair is a sign of hair damage. If you let it go on too long and don’t address it properly with regular hair cuts and proper hydration or scalp treatments, your hair can break and split, and even, contribute to or aggravate scalp conditions like dandruff. Hair health expert Dhaval Patel with Unilever Canada in Toronto, however, has the answers and solutions you need to know right now to maintain a healthy head of hair.

What is dry hair?
Your hair is dry when it doesn’t contain enough moisture to support it’s natural health. “Like skin, your hair needs to have enough water content for it to look healthy and hydrated,” adds Patel. “A depleted level of water makes hair dry.”

What does dry hair look like?
Often dull and lifeless, “dry hair can look dull, crunchy and unhealthy. Damaged hair can lead to extreme dryness if not regularly taken care of. Noticeable signs of dry hair are less shine, frizzy with flyways and with some static.”

What are some of the reasons men have dry hair?
Believe it or not, but showering in hot water can contribute to dry hair. The most common reason though is seasonal change. “Especially extreme weather conditions, such as extreme hot or cold weather with low humidity can make your hair and scalp dry in a short period of time,” says Patel. “Other reasons are associated with damage of hair, caused by regular colouring, bleaching and often heavy use of heat tools. Aging is also associated with dryness due to the reduction in sebum production, a natural moisturizer for the hair and scalp.”

How can shampoo and conditioner help prevent dry hair?
“Shampoos or two-in-one shampoo and conditioners with moisturizing ingredients, such as glycerin and sorbitol can help lock in moisture, while other natural oil-based rinse-off products can help to lubricate hair to prevents moisture loss,” explains Patel. “Conditioning agents, such as cationic polymers and silicones deposit on the hair’s surface and help hydrate it. Leave-in treatments or oils can also provide extra hydration.”

What shampoo and condioner ingredients work best?
Natural oils such as coconut and almond oils are commonly used and widely known to nourish the hair and scalp. Try “advanced hair rinse-off products, such as Dove Men+, which utilizes different ingredients to deliver nourishing and hydration benefits along with cleansing,” suggests Patel.

What types of styling products should men gravitate towards?
Wax and water-based styling products, like pomades and putties are your best bet as they typically don’t contain dehydrating ingredients like alcohol or caffeine. “It is advised to avoid blow drying or flat ironing hair and to use the styling products in slightly damp hair to avoid dryness,” says Patel.

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