How To Go Sockless This Summer

It's time you went sockless.

During the summer months, nothing says effortless cool like hitting the streets sockless. Whether you’re wearing loafers with a lightweight suit or you’re wearing your favourite pair of kicks with your pants rolled up, going sockless screams summer style.

Before you ditch the socks, here are 5 tips to help you go sockless in style this summer, and help keep your feet odour-free.

Use shoetrees

In between wearings, stick unvarnished cedar shoetrees in your shoes. Why? Shoetrees will not only maintain the shape, they will deodorize the lining of your shoes by absorbing moisture and unwanted odours.

Wear loafer socks

Want the sockless look without actually going sockless? If you aren’t ready to go bare, slip on a pair of loafer socks. These socks (available from a variety of brands) are generally cut so low that they won’t show over loafers, boat shoes or driving shoes.

Wash your feet with anti-bacterial soap

If you plan on going sockless as the mercury rises, be sure to pay extra attention to the hygiene of your feet. It may seem pretty basic, but remember to scrub your feet regularly (and vigorously) with a good anti-bacterial soap.

Sprinkle foot powder

Consider using a little foot powder before you slip your shoes on. Foot powders contain talcum (which will absorb sweat) and baking soda (which will neutralizes odor) and will keep your feet dry throughout the day and help kill bacteria.

Rotate your shoes

Remember not to wear the same pair of shoes every day. All shoes need a bit of time to air out and dry.

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