Jared Leto’s 10 Most Memorable Hairstyles

Above: A selection of Jared Leto's most memorable hairstyles

The Internet exploded when Jared Leto cut off his beard and long locks. Then, because the world hadn’t had enough change for one week, he shows up at Paris Fashion Week with slicked back platinum blond hair. The drastic change comes in preparation for Leto’s upcoming role as the Joker, but the transformation shouldn’t surprise anyone. Yes Leto has been rocking the Jesus hairstyle for the last few years, but prior to this stint, the actor/musician changed hairstyles like outfit changes at a Celine Dion concert.

Here are some of Leto’s most memorable hairstyles over the last 15 years:


Bleached: Yes Jared Leto has bleached his beautiful locks but this isn’t the first time. Actually, Leto loves rocking the bleached hair sported it back in 2003, 2009, and then again in 2010.


Cornrows: Back in 2001 Jared Leto could be seen with a head of cornrows for Panic Room (2002). The tight braids probably weren’t his best look but that’s the life of an actor.


Punk: The lead singer of Thirty Seconds to Mars had a much edgier look back in 2006. Leto had black shoulder-length hair typical of a punk-rock singer.

Long hair don't care

Long hair, don’t care (a.k.a. the Jesus hairdo): The beard doesn’t help the look, but Leto’s long locks make him look like a white Jesus. This is the look that people have grown to associate Leto with because he’s had the look for the last three years. Leto also sported the look back in 2004 and 2009.


Mohawk: There were several months in 2010 when Leto played around with the Mohawk. He rocked it in his natural colour, bleached, and bleached mixed with hot pink.

Up, up, and away

Up, up, and away: This was Jared Leto’s go to hairstyle of the last decade. It’s not quite a quiff. It’s more so that his hair is just styled straight up to the sky. Through all of Leto’s many hairstyles, this is the one he continuously went back to, making it the classic Leto look.


The mullet: Leto had an unfortunate desire to don a mullet in 2010 and then again in 2011. It wasn’t too dirty, more of a British rock-star mullet than trailer park. Still not a hairstyle anyone should copy any time soon.


Neon: In 2010 Leto was apparently feeling colourful. First he went with his hot pink Mohawk, and then went to a short neon blue hairstyle at the end of the year. This is once again proof that Leto likes to experiment and play around with hairstyles.

Man bun

The man bun: Whenever Leto rocked his long, flowing locks he had two ways of wearing it, down or in a bun. Leto’s man bun is the greatest, most beautiful man bun ever. Even when the long hair started to look a little gross and too much, the man bun was there to save the day.

Slicked back 

Slicked back: Whenever Leto started to grow his hair out, you’d see him transition from his up hairdo to this slicked back, classy look. This is the look Leto is currently styling in platinum, but hopefully we’ll see it again in his natural brown before long. 

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