Jean Paul Gaultier Set To Release Limited Edition Superman Fragrance

For all you guys out there who want the powers of a superhero without the weakness to kryptonite, we have an answer. This year, Jean Paul Gaultier has reinvented the classic Le Mâle fragrance with a new and exciting Superman design.

The iconic Le Mâle bottle features a reinvented steel-coloured backdrop with the timeless image of Superman bursting through the chest to save the day. Of course, the bottle would not be complete without the “I Love Gaultier” printed in a bold red and blue font, just incase you didn’t recognize the bottle at first glance.

As for the scent, perfumer Nathalie Gracia-Cetto has reinterpreted Le Mâle with a twist: featuring hints of neroli, mint and sandalwood in a fresh new scent so you can not only smell like a superhero, but feel like one too. The fragrance comes in the recognizable Jean Paul Gaultier tin-can, but with the new-and-improved Superman design leaping through the can with a burst of fragrance.

Jean Paul Gaultier Wonder WomanTo parallel the reinvention of Le Mâle, Jean Paul Gaultier has also revamped the women’s Classique, featuring Wonder Woman on the iconic bust bottle. Together, the two new fragrances embark on a Gaultier mission, because not all heroes wear capes, but they do wear Gaultier.

Le Mâle Superman will be available on June 1st at Hudson’s Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart and Sears stores across Canada.

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