Justin Theroux Has A Serious Issue With Tevas And Flip-Flops

Justin Theroux (Sebastian Kim/GQ)
Justin Theroux (Sebastian Kim/GQ)

When it comes to footwear, Justin Theroux has some serious opinions. In GQ‘s October issue, the 42-year-old actor spills on his contempt for Tevas — and their creators:

I have a real issue with the makers of Tevas. Not only should there never be Velcro on any shoe; there should not be Velcro and neoprene on a shoe. Then there definitely should not be Velcro, neoprene, and some sort of beaded Indian print. I know: They’re comfortable. Lots of things are comfortable. I could put my feet in kneaded dough and walk down the street. That’s comfortable, but I’m not going to do it, you know? Ridiculous.

He also has a problem with flip-flops.

There’s these guys you see just walking through SoHo with big mops of hair, wearing flannel pants and flip–flops on their way to Montauk. And you think, ‘Who the hell are you? What do you do?’ Fucking surfboard on the top of the Range Rover.

So basically don’t expect to see this dude ditching his trademark motorcycle boots any time soon.

To read more of Theroux’s interview, pick up the October issue of GQ, on newsstands September 24th.

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