Knuckling Down With Canadian Brand Moose Knuckles

Above: Looks from Moose Knuckles 2015 fall/winter collection

If you’re down with winter wakeboarding and coed naked boxing you’re already likely burrowed nose deep in a foxy Moose Knuckles hood. Canada’s fast growing and controversy courting big down parka badass always has something new lurking up their cozy sleeves.

We followed the freshest Moose tracks to the brand’s marketing director Ally Kemper in order to get the skinny on the sexy jacket maker’s upmarket style.

AmongMen: Before the daring Moose Knuckles brand name was arrived at, were there any other risqué names in the mix?
Ally Kemper: There might be a double entendre with the name but Moose Knuckles is a combination of two of Canada’s greatest things, the moose and the hockey fight.

AM: When the weather turns frigid, what is going to be the hottest outerwear look for men to rock this season?
AK: In the past few years being warm has taken off. People are no longer sacrificing their personal warmth and their ability to live their lives outside [for the sake] of fashion. We’ve taken the traditional parka—which has been basically a sleeping bag—and we slimmed it down for the city dweller and urban professional who wants to be warm while still having a sense of style.

AM: Is plaid still rad?
AK: We love plaid. The lumberjack trend has been around forever. We’ve reimagined the plaid that was done in the 1960s and 70s that was truly Canadiana and we’ve brought it back to a modern generation by tailoring the fits to today’s man.

AM: What about fit and colours that are popping?
AK: Oversized furs are really big and colored furs are really in fashion as well. We’ve brought silver into our lines this year. It’s really fantastic and stands out. It’s not for everybody but it’s for the more daring fashion risk takers out there.

AM: Historically, and even contemporaneously for that matter, winter jackets aren’t thought of as the sexiest of garments but you’re changing that perception.
AK: They haven’t been sexy, especially in the way they’ve been marketed. It was all about going on expeditions to the north.  Our jackets are ridiculously warm and you can take them to the arctic but by slimming jackets down and tailoring them to the body it creates a much sexier silhouette. You have ability to wear one of our jackets and nothing else if you really want to.

AM: Since your jackets are so warm on their own, is layering up is overrated?
AK: Layering is a fashion choice and I love wearing layers sometimes. But, what we like to do is give you the option. If you want to that’s totally up to you but you don’t have to anymore. You can wear the slim really thin knit sweater, t-shirt or button up as you would in the summer. Offices and stores in the winter are ridiculously warm because they jack up the heat so you want to be able to maintain the look that you want while being comfortable indoors and then you step outside and are as comfortable as possible.

AM: Moose Knuckles uses grey duck down as a thermal insulator, why duck over goose?
AK: When you use a duck down, it allows you to have more loft with the down so you can use more of it than you can with goose down which allows for extra warmth.

AM: Among your employees how do you speak of Canada Goose, is it a friendly or fierce rivalry?
AK: Canada Goose really opened up the market to a warm winter jacket to a down filled fur-lined parka and bomber. They created the space and otherwise we may not be in existence. We offer something different for a different consumer. They have a very mass appeal and we are a little more niche, edgier and younger. It’s more of a friendly rivalry and there’s room for both of us on market.

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