Martial Vivot’s Men’s Grooming Line For Hair

How many of you mix and match your haircare products? Be honest. You’ve got a half used bottle of one type of shampoo in your shower, but no conditioner because, what is hair conditioner? There’s a partial tube of electric green-coloured hair gel on your bathroom counter amidst a bunch of miniature hotel samples that are scattered everywhere. Sure, it’s the stereotypical guy’s way to get ready in the morning…but is it?

Wouldn’t it be faster and simpler to have one line of products, like New York City salons’ Martial Vivot hair care to meet all of your grooming needs?

Eco-friendly and formulated with all-natural, organic, plant-derived ingredients, the line is safe to use on all skin, scalp and hair types. It is complete with a shampoo, conditioner (to hydrate and moisturize your scalp and hair, in case you were still wondering), styling crème, gel, paste and even, a beard oil. The products are fuelled with ingredients such as, organic aloe vera base to hydrate and condition, pure plant oils of cannabis, organ and jojoba to restore and replenish, quinoa and bamboo amino acids to strengthen and repair and pure essential oils of frankincense, rose geranium and bergamot to revitalize and balance.

Plus, all of the products are packaged in sleek, masculine-looking black containers, so they look cool in your shower and on your vanity. And thanks to their descriptors written in white across each product, you’ll be able to easily reach for the paste without having to sort through a mess of other bottles to find it.

Martial Vivot hair care products, from $35 each, available at Sephora stores across Canada.

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