Must-Have: Jack Purcell Converse

Above: Classic white Jack Purcell Converse
Above: Classic white Jack Purcell Converse

Must-have: Jack Purcell Converse
Price: $60.00

Thanks to the heat, Summer can be a confusing time for footwear. And while Jesus boots (read: sandals) and mesh shoes are currently enjoying a renaissance, they’re inappropriate in most daily settings. General rule of thumb: if you need to be barefoot, – and there are few times you really do – just be barefoot. If not, spare everyone the ghastly sight of your dry heels and gnarled toes.

So what then should you wear when the warm weather finally arrives? Look no further than the style icons of old. James Dean and Steve McQueen, who knew a thing or two about looking good, shared a penchant for a certain white, canvas number that’s since become a menswear staple: Jack Purcell Converse.

Crisp, clean and understated, the Purcell’s strength lies in its versatility. It literally looks good with everything, the low profile, classic, sneaker silhouette minimalist enough to not steal the thunder of a fitted, seersucker short suit, and fresh enough to create the perfect base for a rolled-up chino and t-shirt.

At $60, we recommend you pick up two pair and designate one a dress shoe, the other casual. When the occasion calls for you to be polished, go with the bright, unscuffed dress pair. For everything else, wear the casual. While ketchup stains and holes might be taking it too far, beat the casual pair up a little. They look good with a dash of character, just like the men who made them famous.

Shayne Stephens

Originally from the rough and tumble prairie city of Winnipeg, Shayne Stephens is an award-winning writer based in Toronto. Having recently resigned from a seven year stint as the director of marketing for a large women’s fashion house, he’s thrilled to be following his heart and stepping into the menswear arena. He also delinquently runs his blog and can be found at: Twitter and Instagram at @shaynestephens.

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