Mustang Unleashed: Ford Collaborates With Designers To Create Exclusive T-Shirt Collection

Above: 1) Anna Sui ‘Psychedellc Nouveau’ Mustang Unleashed T-Shirt. 2) Anna Sui ‘Airbrushed’ Mustang Unleashed T-Shirt. 3) CO|TE ‘Sunny’ Mustang Unleashed T-Shirt. 4) CO|TE ‘Grid’ Mustang Unleashed T-Shirt. 5) Paula Cademartori ‘ Freedom’ Mustang Unleashed T-Shirt. 6) Paula Cademartori ‘Urban’ Mustang Unleashed T-Shirt. 7) Rogan ‘Silhouette’ Mustang Unleashed T-Shirt. 8) Rogan ‘Make Tracks’ Mustang Unleashed T-Shirt.

2014 is the year of the Mustang. The iconic car started celebrating its 50th anniversary when it churned out an all-new design in December; holding a two-city event (in North Carolina and Las Vegas) to celebrate the car’s golden anniversary and now transporting the iconic vehicle to high fashion status. Now Ford has partnered with five highly acclaimed international fashion designers to create limited edition t-shirts sold exclusively through online retailer, which will rev your engine and up your fashion game.

Made out of 100 percent organic and sustainable cotton – thanks to U.S. based Loomstate – Mustang asked designers Anna Sui; Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay-Hahn of Rogan; Paula Cademartori; Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari of CO|TE; and Pamela Love to take the iconic car and its impact on pop culture as inspiration to create Mustang-inspired t-shirts. The result is an eye popping 15 piece collection, for men and woman, of wearable art.

“Mustang embraces passion, power, adventure and freedom, and by collaborating with top designers known for their expressive personalities and designs, we are blending the parallels between the worlds of fashion and automotive like never before,” said Kim Cape, Ford group marketing manager. “The Mustang Unleashed collection celebrates the passion and freedom of Mustang, and its inspiration to pop culture over the last 50 years.”

Fashion Unleashed With A Roar

Adventure, freedom and the roaring power of this classic car are some of the themes which can be found in each designers’ Mustang Unleashed creations. Paula Cademartori uses geometric shapes to emphasise the power and glamour of the car. Rogan designers Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay-Hahn take an abstract monochromatic approach to pay homage to vehicle’s history and evolution. While CO|TE founders Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari bring their stylish Italian sensibilities to the collection using retro colours and shapes to convey the passion that this iconic car has invoked over its 50 year history.

The Mustang Unleashed collection strikes a personal chord with respected American designer Anna Sui. She said “Having grown up in Detroit, I wanted to incorporate my memories of Mustang and celebrate the spirit of pop culture and Americana in my designs. As a designer, I am constantly inspired by everything around me and often include a nod to my roots – referring to nostalgic, romantic and rock influences – just like Ford Mustang.”

The Mustang Unleashed t-shirts are exclusive to and retail for $39 USD each.

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