NDP Passed Motion To Ban Microbeads

Above: Close up of microbeads in hygiene products (FILE PHOTO/QMI AGENCY)

Canadians may be looking for a new way to get deep clean skin. The NDP passed a motion in the House of Commons this week to ban microbeads from personal products in our great nation.

Many beauty products like toothpaste, soap and face wash contain these plastic beads as exfoliating agents. While Health Canada has deemed microbeads safe for use in cosmetics and in food, environmental studies are finding fault with the beads as they get washed down the drain and into our lakes. Now Environment Canada is “prioritizing” the study of the effects these beads have on our environment and wildlife. 

“The growing problem of microbeads accumulating in our lakes, rivers and oceans must be solved,” said environmental engineer and head of Ottawa Riverkeeper, Meredith Brown, in a recent news release. “These tiny plastic particles are showing up in the guts of aquatic animals and in our beer.”

The NDP particularly called for the ban of plastic microbeads, which are too small to be captured by water filtration systems, and for the government to consider classifying the beads as toxic. The beads in question range in size from 10 um to 1000 um (1mm).

South of the boarder, Illinois has already taken action, banning microbeads, and several more states are discussing taking similar action.

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