Neck Injections: Say Goodbye To Your Double Chin

Ever wish you could zap your fat into oblivion? Thanks to a brand new, cosmetic innovation you can…if the unwanted area resides beneath your neck, that is. “In the past, the only way to eliminate excess fat or a double chin was with liposuction or with surgery,” affirms Dr. Nowell Solish, M.D., a Cosmetic Dermatologist and founder of his eponymous clinic in Toronto. Now, all you need to do is book a 10-minute appointment with a cosmetic dermatologist specializing in Neck Fat Injections

What are Neck Fat Injections?

Dubbed the Double Chin Killer, Neck Fat Injections is a new and permanent cosmetic treatment using deoxycholic acid to dissolve unwanted fat beneath the chin.

How does it work?

A cosmetic dermatologist assesses your chin area and draws a grid of lines approximately one centimetre apart on the unwanted fat. An anaesthetic is applied to prevent pain and the acid is injected multiple times along the marked area. “A typical treatment requires about 12 injections,” says Dr. Solish. “And it really only takes about three minutes to inject the entire area.”

How many sessions does it take?

Between two to three session in total and the results are permanent. “You’ll want to wait about two months before you come back for your next session, though,” advises Dr. Solish. “This way you can see if you actually need another session or not.”

Who’s doing it?

“People who are happy with their weight and the shape of their face, but want to contour underneath their chin,” says Dr. Solish. And while the service is brand spanking new and only 10 doctors (including Dr. Solish) in Canada are approved to perform the injections, men ranging from 30 to 60 years of age are lining up to wave buh bye to chin wag. “Overall, approximately 90 per cent of my clients in my practice are female,” says Dr. Solish. “But for Neck Fat Injections, 50 per cent of the clients booking these appointments are men.” That said, if your skin is very thin and you don’t have a lot of fat, you may not be a good candidate.

The Cost:

On average: $1000 to $1500 per session.

The down side?

The injected area will swell for about two to seven days after the treatment. “So booking on a Friday is ideal,” advises Dr. Solish. “And wear a turtleneck. You’ll feel more comfortable when you go out.” Temporary numbness from inflammation is normal and for some, so is slight bruising, “although you’re more likely to bruise from Botox of Fillers,” says Dr. Solish.

The upside?

Your double chin will become a faint and distant memory.  And who knows, eliminating beer bellies and love handles may be the next innovation…

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