Nivea Haus Mobile Is Touring Canada This Summer

Above: The Nive Haus mobile unit at  Yonge & Dundas Square in Toronto on Tuesday June 11, 2013

Nivea Haus, the mobile unit filled with Nivea’s latest skin care products, will be travelling from Montreal to Vancouver this summer with a group of skin care professionals who are ready to offer you a personal skin analysis and recommend products especially for you.

Nivea has been around for over 100 years and this season the skin care company is re-brading their men’s line as “Nivea Men,” offering guys a complete skin care line for all their grooming needs. Earlier this week, I caught up with experts Dr. Harald Büttner, Global Skin Care & Technology Scouting Expert and Larry LaPorta, Nivea’s General Manager, both from Beiersdorf, here in Toronto and asked them for a few skin care tips for guys.

Find out your skin type:

Finding what your skin type is will help you narrow down what products are right for you. Everyone’s skin in unique and the Nivea experts don’t suggest you go to the store and pick up any product. Dr. Harald Buttner says “You can use a piece of paper at home and blot it on your face and see what comes off. If you have a huge surface of oil on that paper, then you tend to have oily to combination skin. If you hardly see anything on the paper, then your skin is more normal and dry skin type.


This is the most important part of any man’s skin care regimen. ”This is a very underestimated step by men, as most just jump into shaving. Cleansing removes the oil and the dead skin cells from the skin and is the ideal preparation for the perfect close shave. You will experience much smoother skin after shaving once you’ve cleansed first.” When you shave your face, the recommended steps are cleanse, shave, after shave and then moisturize. This will help prevent irritation and bumps and keep your shave as close as possible

Prevention of wrinkles:

You shouldn’t wait until you have wrinkles to try and get rid of them. Start taking care of your skin at an early age to stop lines and keep the elasticity from decreasing. Larry LaPorta says “You should start as early as possible. This is done by lots of moisturization and UV protection.” Also, make sure to change your moisturizer with the seasons – in the winter months you should be using a thicker lotion.


Giving your face a mild scrub will give you a serious boost. “This is a peeling step which supports the natural regeneration of the skin. Every 28 days your skin renews, and to support this, a once a week scrub is very important” says expert Dr. Harald Büttner.

To view all the summer stops on the Nivea Haus Canada tour, click here.

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