Off The Fall/Winter 2014 Toronto Runway Trends

Above L-R: Alexander Kenton, Editor-in-Chief of KENTON magazine, Shayne Stephens, fashion writer and Christopher Turner, Editor-in-Chief of AmongMen (Photos: Instagram)

You go to fashion week to watch the shows, right? No. Well, yes and no. Watching the runway is the gateway into understanding the fashion trends for the upcoming season, but watching the audience provides one access into the current, up-to-date fashion trends—and isn’t fashion all about instant gratification? This redirection from the spectacle to the spectators opens up the door to a whole new ‘fashion show.’ Here are four menswear trends seen strutting off the runway:

The Long Coat

Long jackets cloaked rows and rows of attendees. An ideal outerwear piece when entering the office or a late-night dinner made it a perfect wear for shows that commenced at 4pm. Colourways yielded toward neutrals like cream and navy, posing quite the polished look. Opt for one that falls at the mid-thigh, or, if a little more sartorial savvy, reach for the mid-calf.

The Undercut

If you have not read the memo, shaving the sides of your head has become widely accepted. Not solely dedicated to the punk culture anymore, men everywhere have flocked towards the style—even Brad Pitt made the move. To clarify, this is not a graduated fade; this is a sharp contrast between the sides and the top of the head.


The Leather Jacket

When has this trend ever really left the scene? It’s timeless. Since its nature is quite conventional—everyone and their dog have a leather jacket—it permits the wearer to be creative with the rest of their wardrobe ensemble. Thus, with a standard leather jacket one can freely wear bolder pants, an interesting tie or noteworthy kicks. Again, a perfect pick for fashion week or other more eccentric scenes.


If this were the 1920s wearing a hat would be ingrained into a man’s lifestyle—like wearing a purse for a woman; there’s no hesitation it just is. Nowadays millinery shops have become a rarity and it’s nearly impossible to meet a hat-wearing man. Although, according to the crowds at fashion week, this may be changing. Men have found a new appreciation for hats, and one that doesn’t discriminate against style. Hats of all different shapes and sizes attended including the fedora, baseball cap, beanie and even the Pharrell-style mountain hat.

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