One More Reason to Get Naked Stat

Above: Basd Seductive Sandalwood Body Wash, Body Lotion and the Basd Coffee Body Scrub in Indulgent Crème Brûlée
One More Reason to Get Naked Stat

When a company’s, seemingly, favourite saying is that it’s good to be naked, you know we need to check it out. So we did and boy, we were not disappointed.

Basd, the pro-birthday-suit skincare brand is homegrown and mix-masters really great-smelling body care products. Its Seductive Sandalwood Body Wash and Body Lotion and the Coffee Body Scrub in Indulgent Crème Brûlée in particular, are definitely worth getting naked for. Plus, they’re meant to shared with a SO, so there’s that.

While the entire line is clearly a whole lot of fun, it’s also smart and planet-people-animals-friendly with its plant-based, vegan and gluten-free formulations. All of the products’ ingredients are locally sourced, produced and shipped, as well making it a very True North experience and one we’ll definitely be repeating.

For starters, the body scrub gently, but effectively removed the day’s worth of dead skin cells, pollution and grime, sweat, and unwanted bumps and ingrown hairs and who doesn’t want that. It’s decadent aroma of invigorating coffee with gooey crème brûlée dessert smelled good enough to eat and drink and actually inspired us to want to share our shower time. Especially when we did a follow-up wash and rinse with the cleansing body gel. Not only is the sandalwood scent sexy and intimate, it has a toning, hydrating and calming effect on our skin—all courtesy of its infusion of organic aloe vera juice, which BTW, has the added benefit of reducing red marks, scarring and stretch marks. The complementary lotion completed the experience and left oour skin silky soft and smooth.

So while we’re not suggesting being commando 24/7, we are absolutely advocating it for bathroom time.

Basd Seductive Sandalwood Body Wash and Body Lotion and the Basd Coffee Body Scrub in Indulgent Crème Brûlée are $15.99 for 450 ml, $24.99 for 450 ml and $19.99 for 180 g, respectively, available online at

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