Product Hype: Aveeno Restorative Skin Therapy Repairing Cream

Aveeno Restorative Skin Therapy Repairing Cream…

How often do you rub lotion on your body? According to a 2020 survey conducted by ACUPOLL Precision Research, the answer is not enough. To be exact, just 59 per cent of men ages 18 to 24 agree that it’s important to take care of their body’s skin. Compare that number to the 83 per cent of men ages 65 years and older who absolutely agree that daily skin care is key and well, there’s clearly a certain kind of wisdom (cough, firsthand experience, cough) about aesthetics that comes with age.

Considering your skin is your body’s largest organ and the first line of defense you have against infection and disease, maintaining it with nourishing bodycare products like Aveeno’s Restorative Skin Therapy Repairing Cream is more than a good idea. Formulated with prebiotic oats, aloe and provitamin B5 to moisturize, soothe and heal, this cream helps restore your skin’s moisture barrier and repair dryness and sensitivities, while providing long-lasting comfort. It has also been clinically proven to help improve your skin’s resilience. But don’t take our word for it.

Check with your dad, uncle, grandpa or any other man over the age of 65 and ask him how he’d compare his skin today to how it looked and felt a handful of decades ago. Better still ask The Mayo Clinic, the nonprofit, American academic medial center that focuses on health care and research. They claim using a moisturizer every single day from head to toe can prevent and treat dry and damaged skin, improve your skin’s texture and protect it from irritation, inflammation and water loss, not to mention those uncomfortable itchy-scratchy moments. Or just go buy Aveeno’s Restorative Skin Therapy Repairing Cream and start rubbing it in. We promise you’ll thank us.

Aveeno Restorative Skin Therapy Repairing Cream, from $11.57, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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