Product Hype: Degree Advanced 72H Motion Sense Antiperspirant in “Workout Series Endue”

Smelling fresh is ideal, especially with the seasonal change in temperature, outdoors and inside. Degree’s new Advanced 72H Antiperspirant in “Workout Series Endure” will help you achieve it too and keep you dry and feeling secure all day long.

The advanced protection provides more comfort and less body odour thanks to the brand’s breakthrough micro-technology that works in sync with your body to release freshness when you’re on the move, whether it’s working out at the gym or working hard at the office or relaxing at home. Clinically tested, it’s safe and creates a barrier between your body and the sweat is produces, minimizes wetness and maximizing dryness.

All you have to do is keep the antiperspirant handy, apply a thin layer after you get out of the shower, dress and enjoy your day. The clean scent will prevail no matter what, and that, is always a good feeling.

Degree Advanced 72H Antiperspirant in “Workout Series Endure,” from $4.29 per stick, available at drustores.

Adriana Ermter

Adriana is an award-winning writer and editor. The former beauty director for FASHION magazine and editor-in-chief of Salon and of Childview magazines has hosted beauty videos for, as well as contributed to Men’s FASHION, Chatelaine and, Flare and, Huffington Post Canada, National Post,,, and She lives in Toronto with her very spoiled feline, Trixie-Belle, and a fantastically large perfume collection.

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