Product Hype: Nioxin Scalp Relief System Kit

Stress. Everybody’s feeling it. You’re either working too hard or there’s not enough work. Your kids are at home, so is your significant other and guess what, you are too. And despite being cramped within what seems like the same four walls 24/7, no one is getting outside. It’s so frustrating it makes you want to pull your hair out. And you would, if your hair didn’t appear to be getting thinner by the day. Yup. Your current stress levels are impacting the hair on your head.

But you can get a little support with Nioxin’s Scalp Relief System Kit.

Products, like the Scalp Comfort Cleanser, Conditionerand Serum found in Nioxin’s Scalp Relief System Kit are infused with ingredients such as aloe vera, soothex, glycerin and niacinimide. They strengthen your natural scalp barrier, soothe your scalp, reduce stinging and irritation, hydrate and protect and even, thicken the hair that’s still there.

The kit’s shampoo and conditioner are also anti-dandruff and alternately cleanse and condition while soothing your scalp and reducing hair loss. The leave-in serum provides similar benefits and long-lasting all-day flake and irritation-free results, too. Plus, the products are dermatologist tested and free of paranormal sulfates and colourants, complete with a “clean” label fragrance.

Because at the end of the day, even if you are still spending every waking (and sleeping) hour indoors, you still want to look like you’ve got the 100,000 hair follicles your scalp is meant to be sprouting.

Nioxin‘s Scalp Relief System Kit, $59, available online at

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