Product Hype: Peace Out Vitamin C Glow Stick

Peace out may have been a sixties saying and given off hippy-dippy vibes, but now it’s all about the skincare brand. Our latest favourite, Peace Out’s Vitamin C Glow Stick.

A brightening 6 per cent vitamin C-based serum loaded with four different types of vitamins C, this teeny-tiny tube packs a powerful punch. For starters, all of that vitamin C works hard to visibly brighten and soften the look of fine lines. An inclusion of peptides smooths away wrinkles to make your face look younger and firmer, while a dose of caffeine temporarily banishes puffiness and dark colouring or bags underneath your eyes. And then there’s the squalene.

The latest buzz word in skincare, squalene is a saturated oil that’s used in skincare products like the Vitamin C Glow Stick, as a moisturizer. It helps increase your dermis’ hydration, and with all of its anti-inflammatory benefits, can also calm redness, irritation and, even, reduce acne and eczema. Plus, its natural, and typically harvested from plant sources like rice bran, olives and wheat germ oil. Combined with the four Cs, peptides and caffeine, this blend of ingredients come together to improve the overall texture of your skin, while giving you a healthy, illuminating glow.

All you have to do to get yours on is gently glide the Glow Stick’s tip over your orbital bone in a crescent-like moon motion. You can also smooth a little onto your cheeks, chin and forehead. Then, lightly tap your fingers across your face to massage the product in. Just make sure this is your last step in your moisturizing routine in the morning, you know, before you peace out for the rest of your day.

Peace Out Vitamin C Glow Stick, $37, available at Sephora.

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