Product Hype: Prohibition The Shower Gel

Ten plus four equals 14, the number of ingredients in Prohibition Wellness’ The Shower Gel. Sure, the number may seem like a lot, if you equate it to siblings, cats or inches of snowfall. But in the realm of body care products, having less then 20 ingredients in any formula is impressive. Factor in that the Canadian brand boasts a second number, one, that reflects who can use their body and skincare line and, well, you’ve got full inclusivity.

Gender-free, The Shower Gel isn’t created for a pronoun, rather it has been mix-mastered specifically for everybody’s skin. Dedicated to accessible skincare and universal wellness, the brand prioritizes the use of clean and natural ingredients, like hemp seed oil, to ensure the complete wellbeing of everyone who layers or washes a little on.

The Shower Gel is infused with premium ingredients such as hemp seed and sweet almond oil to nourish and hydrate your body from your neck to your toes. Natural fruit extracts and vitamins work to gently exfoliate and balance your skin’s natural oils, while getting you squeaky clean.

As for the rest? It too is a numbers game, like how many showers you like to take in a week or how many minutes you spend lathering up under the water. Your bathroom routine is up to you, but once you’re in there and massaging a dollop of this good stuff all over, after you rinse and towel off, the numbers will turn into mere seconds. As in, seconds before you begin feeling and seeing a difference in the condition of your body’s skin.

Prohibition Wellness The Shower Gel, $44.20 for 500 ml, available online at

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