Product Hype: Sanctum Skincare Organic Range Of Men’s Products

When you look in the mirror do you greet your reflection with a “G’day mate?”  Probably not, unless you’re an Australian living in Toronto reading this right now or an Australian living in Australia logged onto and catching up on your Style info. Or maybe you’re somewhere else in the world and you’re reading this right now and you do consider yourself a mate and you do like to talk to your reflection in the mirror and… Okay, this could go on forever.

As for the rest of you, you would do it, right? Greet yourself with a “G’day mate” if you knew it was going to be a good day? For example, maybe the sun is shining, someone in the kitchen is cooking you breakfast, Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” was blasting on your in-shower radio when you were sudsing up with Sanctum Australia’s Men’s Shampoo & Wash or Face & Body Scrub or possibly both. And now, you’re looking at your reflection in the mirror as you apply a layer of Shave Gel to your face, pick up your blade and feeling extra manly say the two little words.

It could happen…

Particularly when you know that all of Sanctum Australia’s men’s facial care products, including the Face Moisturizer are 100 per cent natural, 95 per cent certified organic and all contain feel good/do-good ingredients. Like the Shampoo & Wash’s olive leaf extract and sugar cane to calm your scalp and skin, while cleansing it and leaving it silky soft. Or the Face & Body Scrub’s rice bran, black walnut shell and licorice extracts, to exfoliate dead skin cells and heal and calm your skin. And don’t forget the Shave Gel and its infusion of aloe vera leaf juice and jojoba oil to hydrate, tone, soothe and soften or the Face Moisturiser’s blend of witch hazel and oak bark extracts and sandalwood oil to moisturize, balance, protect and even eliminate bacteria.

After all, you will be feeling the powerful pull of Australia and that, if nothing else is surely worth the greeting. Let us know after you try the products.

Sanctum Australia Men’s Shampoo & Wash, Face & Body Scrub, Shave Gel and Face Moisturiser, from $13.49 each, available at Healthy Planet and Rexall stores across Canada.

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