Q&A: Talking To Brad Franklin, The Man Behind Bradley Allan

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Talking to Brad Franklin, the man behind Bradley Allan

When it comes to picking out golf apparel, most dudes are content to rifle though the rack for a color that strikes them and call it a day.  A more discerning subset of the pin seeking populace however make sartorial choices with the same care and consideration they employ when lining up a putt, and it’s this latter group that Bradley Allan hopes to sway with their fit and fashion forward designs.

We sat down with Brad Franklin recently, the man behind the new men’s golf-lifestyle brand, Bradley Allan. Here’s what he had to say.

AmongMen: Before starting your own brand, you earned your fashion stripes as an early employee at Dunning before moving on to Tommy Hilfiger and AUR Golf. Was there any trepidation before going out on your own or was it simply time?
Brad Franklin: To say it was time might be a little too simplistic. While I am extremely proud of the work I did at Dunning, Tommy and AUR, I could not personally relate to where the apparel industry had gone in terms of look and feel. There was, and still is, too much shiny, synthetic polo styles that seem very costume like and designed just for golf, meaning it is certainly not something you would want to wear off the golf course.

AM: There are plenty of choices in the poloverse, why should golfers #wearBA?
BF: Selecting Bradley Allan means a golfer does not have to change his look to go play golf or sacrifice style for performance. The golfer’s one polo can take him from the office, to the golf course and then to dinner.

AM: What would you say truly differentiates Bradley Allan from the better polo brethren?
BF: I feel the simplistic and minimalist nature of Bradley Allan is its signature. This can be seen not only in the product but in how we present the brand and run the company. I find that golf brands trend toward becoming too complicated and one- dimensional.

AM: Do you play better when you know your outfit game is shooting scratch?
BF: I think having confidence in your appearance and what you are wearing has a positive impact on not only your golf game, but your entire day.

AM: Hypothetical, you’re outfit scripting Jon Rohm or one of the other young guns, what’s he wearing on Sunday if he’s in the hunt?
BF: One of the things I admire about the current generation of top young professional golfers is their strong sense of self. From that standpoint, as long as it did not look like they are trying too hard I would not tell them what to wear. But please, stop wearing white pants and white belts.

AM: What’s golfer’s personal style do you most respect?
BF: Without a doubt it would be Arnold Palmer. I find most golfers today dress too casual on the golf course. Mr. Palmer had a natural sophistication to his look.

AM: When you were hatching your brand did you consider going with Brad Franklin?
BF: I spent a lot time coming up with the name for the brand. Ultimately, I wanted to be able to separate the person and the brand.

AM: Your line is very versatile for both on and off the course. How much of your business would you estimate is from guys who don’t even golf but just like the look?
BF: Because of my background, people know me first and foremost for golf apparel. However, it is a huge compliment when a non-golf store takes an interest in the brand or I see someone wearing something from the collection off-course.

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