Review: Mission Belts

Above: Mission Belt Co.'s Americano and Ferrari belts

Some belts are content just doing their duty and holding up pants, others have a higher calling. A dollar from every Mission belt sold goes to nonprofit microloan lender Kiva to support entrepreneurship in the developing world.  So think of Mission as the Toms of the belt world, pairing a cool product with a worthy cause. The kind of accessory that makes you want to belt out Journey, only with slightly amended lyrics: “We Belt this City on love and leather!”

You’d think advancements in leather cinching technology would have hit a plateau a hundred years back but there’s still a few tricks left. Going hole free in favor of an internal ratcheting system is becoming more popular in the golf belt space. Aside from a cleaner look, the system eliminates premature scuffing and cracking. It also allows for infinitesimal size adjustments for a more exact fit. There’s a quick release lever for efficient removal making them ideal for airport security lines, pee emergencies where every millisecond counts, and more intimate settings where dramatic drawer dropping is in order.

The belts made a big splash on Shark Tank Season 5 when Daymond John bought a stake in the company, but just cause your belts can swim with FUBU, can they survive the sun and sand of a golf course?

After test-driving Mission’s Ferrari and Americano belt beauties through two rounds of play apiece, I’m happy to report they do a mighty fine job as a golf belt. While snoots accustomed to saltwater hornback crocodile hide or extravagant tejus lizard skin may scoff that the price is too nice, for those of us coming over from the major mass market brands, Mission wins major points on style, fit, and minimal wallet hit.

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