Should You DIY Clipper-Style Your Own Hair? Why Not

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There comes a time in every man’s life when he needs to take control of his hair. Not with cleansing or styling products, but with shaping, trimming and clipping his hair’s actual style. It’s a right of passage and a handy skill to have during a snowstorm, before a last-minute getaway, when you need to tame unruly strands or when you’re trapped inside with a month’s hair growth when a pandemic, like COVID-19 strikes and shutters the doors of barbershops and hair salons alongside every other retailer across the country. Here’s what you need to know…

What is the best hair shaping, trimming, clipping tool for men to keep at home?
According to Donald Conley, an educator and master barber for Andis, the Andis Master Cordless is the tool every man needs to have on hand. “It’s a superior clipper, featuring a Lithium ion-battery and can be used to create a myriad of styles on wet or dry hair with its Constant Speed Technology and 90-minute run time,” says Conley. “Plus, it also features a lightweight ergonomic design for on-the-go use.”

What kind of technology should you look for in a hair clipper?
While clippers have been used for decades by professionals and individuals, the weight of many clippers along with the magnetic motor’s drive and inability to effectively cut through dense hair made them heavy and tricky to use. Now, new technologies, like those found in the Andis Master Cordless are making DIY hair easier and faster to manoeuvre. “The strength of the new rotary motor courtesy of its new Constant Speed Technology is a game changer,” says Conley.  “This redesign is important because it is helping to contribute to sustainability with its high-power functions, saving energy with less charging time and quality structure and design. The new model is also 30 per cent lighter.

Are clippers sustainable or are they more like razors and need to be replaced regularly? They are sustainable.Instead of throwing away a blade, you can now prolong the life of your clipper’s blade. “By working with Andis or an Andis-certified service station, you can sharpen and service your blades,” adds Conley. “It is a precision cutting tool, that allows the user to go from 000-1 seamlessly using the single lever with Constant Speed Technology and no skipping while cutting, regardless of hair length. It also allows freedom from a cord and docking station, which is an energy saver. And with its unbreakable aluminum housing it gives DIY users years of styling without having to replace their clipper.”

How have clippers improved?
They’re more user-friendly now thanks to their lighter weight, ergonomics and cordless features. “Andis keeps the end user’s needs first and relies on the feedback of passionate testers to give the best advice on how to make our professionals job easier,” explains Conley. “I’m proud to be a part of this amazing company that consistently works to innovate and create with the user in mind.”

What are your top three DIY tips?

1. “There are so many ways to use the Master Cordless and it really can do everything, so it is important to learn your clipper so you can use it to its full potential,” advises Conley. “Take the time to watch tutorials on the Andis Mater Barber School site and check out the Andis social channels for the tool in action.”

2. Be sure to fully charge your Master Cordless until the light is green and also use the clipper until it fully runs out of battery. “This allows it to have maximum battery life each use,” explains Conley.

3. “Clean your Master Cordless after each use with Andis Cool Care and Andis Clipper Oil, it is important to keep clean and sanitary,” says Conley. “Be sure to properly store it as well to keep the blades from breaking.”

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