Summer Skin Care: Time to Protect The Skin You Are In

Over the years men have become much more aware of the importance of a proper skin care routine. We have learned to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. And we are better for it. But with summer weather with us, we need to change up how we take care of our skin. Warmer weather means shirts off and pool side afternoons. Just remember to protect the skin we are in.

Moisturize with SPF included
Throughout the whole year, you really should be using a moisturizer with SPF. Even when it doesn’t look sunny, there are UV rays that can age your skin. But for summer, it’s always a good idea to go with a lighter cream – one that doesn’t weigh you down. Try the Daily Defense from Dermalogica. This multi-tasking daytime lotion is Lightweight and non-greasy. This moisturize will not only give you great sun protection, but extracts in it help fight ingrown hairs, breakouts, and skin-aging. The lightweight formula absorbs very quickly and has a shine-free finish. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.

Don’t sweat it
We all live an actively lifestyle and sweating in an already sweaty time of year can do damage to your skin. To protect yourself from chafing and discomfort while working up a sweat, try the No Sweat Body Defense from Anthony. This cream-to-powder formula is designed to keep you dry and protect skin from discomfort. The unique formula transforms from a cream to a natural, talc-free lightweight powder immediately upon application. Tapioca starch provides a powder-like barrier to keep you dry—protecting skin and private areas from chafing and discomfort—while aloe vera refreshes and vitamin E nourishes. while refreshing and nourishing. Add this to your gym bag year round.

Add extra sun protection
If you are planning on spending the day out in the sun, remember to reapply throughout the day. The moisturizer with built in SPF will help but be sure to amp up the SPF with some sunblock. You want to up your SPF to atleast 30 or 45 if you plan on spending all day our in the summer sun. Try the Activated Sun Protector from Kiehls – it goes on lightweight and offers great protection with spf 30. Or up for your spf to 50 with the Sun Bum Classic Sunscreen Lotion.

Put It In the Fridge
For the summer months, I often keep a light toner in the fridge. After a sweaty day in the sun, a cooling toner can feel great on your skin. Make sure to add a spray top to your toner (if it doesn’t already have one) and pop that guy in the fridge. It will be extra cold and refreshing on your skin. Try the classic Cucumber Toner from Kiehls.

Save your Skin Post Burn with Aloe
Even if you have followed all the rules and tried to ensure consistent protection throughout the day, things happen. Sunburns happen. Not to worry, there are great solutions to calm and soother that burn quickly. What your mother said was true – use aloe. Try this 3-in-1 kit from the Face Shop, the Aloe Emergency Kit. Aloe contains medicinal properties designed to help with burns. Not only will it calm down sun burn, but it will moisturize and soften your skin.

Don’t forget your lips
It’s a little known fact that your lips are more sensitive to sun damage than any other part of your skin. To combat this you need to ensure you use a lip balm with SPF. Try Advanced Lip Protection from MenScience with SPF30. The treatment is so effective it that it not only protects you from sun damage but also prevents the moisture-less summer air and wind from drying out your lips.

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