Three Shampoos Your Hair Needs Now

Three Shampoos Your Hair Needs Now

Did you know that every hair on your head is made up of three layers? The cuticle is the outer protective layer, the cortex is like the cuticle’s lining and the medulla is the sensitive inner fibres. And while under normal conditions and circumstances your hair typically grows a quarter of an inch every month, there are factors that can prevent this and even, cause hair damage and loss.

Post summertime is no exception, leaving your hair dehydrated, dull and breaking—all thanks to all of the outdoor activities that left you sweaty, hot and burnt. Throw in a milestone birthday, a stressful situation or lifestyle, poor diet and/or lack of exercise and your hair takes a toll and over-shampooing it won’t help.

Cleansing your hair with shampoo is a must, so trust me when I say: don’t stop. You need to shampoo to remove the dirt, grime, sweat and oil build-up on your scalp and hair. But you also need to use the right shampoo to support your hair’s in-the-moment needs. Keep reading.

Volume and Texture: Been wearing a baseball cap waaay too much? Your hair’s probably feeling and looking a little flat from the weight of your wide brim and all of the cap sweat it has trapped inside. Look for shampoos, like Klorane Volume and Texture that list flax as a key ingredient on the label. Flax is a great, botanical option that will hydrate, soothe, restore and volumize your hair back into shape.

Hair Loss. Believe it or not, but everyone experiences some sort of hair loss at some point in life. That’s why it’s always a good idea to keep a shampoo, like Klorane Strengthening & Revitalizing, replete with cinchona plant, quinine and B vitamins, on hand. All combined the three ingredients work together to act as a nurturing balm on your hair, while simultaneously stimulating and re-energizing it.

Thickness and Vitality. When your hair starts to look dull, matte and lifeless, you need to mix things up. Add a shampoo like Klorane Thickness & Vitality that boasts essential olive extract on the packaging as it will restore balance to your scalp, while strengthening aging hair, leaving it soft, manageable and shiny.

Klorane Volume and Texture, Strengthening & Revitalizing and Thickness & Vitality shampoos are all available in 200 ml for $10.60 at drugstores across Canada.

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