Trend-Worthy Hair

Trend-Worthy Hair

Most hairstylists will tell you your hair is your best and most important accessory. Better than your shoes, your fancy patterned socks and even, your watch. “Our hair is the first thing people see and we’re always wearing it, so you can’t hide it,” says Daniel Naumovski, co-owner of TAZ Hair Co. in Toronto and Canadian L’Oréal Professionnel

Portfolio Artist. “Most men want to make sure their hair looks current.” Here’s the how-to for sporting trend-worthy hair.

What are some of the cooler trends for men’s hair in 2017?

  • More texture: “There’s more movement in hair right now, we’re getting away from the really straight styles,” says Naumovski. “Texture is kind of like beach waves that you can manipulate it to look more positioned and styled or messier.”
  • The gentleman: “This is a gelled back look that’s really easy to pull off, especially if you have medium to thick hair,” says Naumovski. “It looks great with a suit.”
  • The curtain: “We’re flashing back to the ’70s here, although this time the longer layers at the front are now paired with tapered sides and back.”
  • High and low: “This style has military precision with a high and tight fade, but it’s made more modern with the with longer top layers.”
  • Extra, extra long: “It’s edgy because most men don’t have really long hair,” says Naumovski. “To pull this trend off, you’ll need to grow yours fast or add extensions.”

When should you try a trendy hairstyle?

When you’re bored with your look and/or want to reinvent your style. “The average guy can wear a certain hairstyle for about one year before he’ll want to take the plunge to try something new,” explains Naumovski. Changing your hair is a quick way to do it with minimal risk, even if you go crazy with the colour. “You can always colour your hair back to its original colour if you don’t like it,” laughs Naumovski.

How can you look trendy and still keep your own sense of style?

“Usually, most men will see a style they like in a magazine or in a movie or on TV and want to try it,” says Naumovski. He advises bringing a picture of the style you like or a reference point, like the name of the actor or TV show you saw the hairstyle in, to help get your point across. It’s key to talk to your hairstylist, as they’ll help you make the best decision possible. “Based on the thickness and natural texture of your hair, your stylist can look at the trend you like and then modify it to make sure it suits your hair type and your lifestyle.”

Trend tips to remember:

Being trendy takes time. “If you’re going to go with a super trendy cut, you’ll need to maintain it regularly with more frequent haircuts than you normally would,” advises Naumovski. “Trendier styles need to look sharp all the time to look their best, so be prepared to make that commitment, even if you’re wearing your hair super long.” While Naumovski adds that long hairstyles won’t need to be trimmed as frequently as their shorter counterparts, “you’ll have to maintain your long hair with good hair conditioners and treatments so it stays and looks healthy.”

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