I Tried The Philips OneBlade

Above: The new Philips OneBlade
I Tried The Philips OneBlade

I keep stubble year round and I occasionally wet shave my neck… So, instead of fumbling with multiple products I decided to try out Philips much-hyped OneBlade to get the exact facial hair look that I want. Trust me; it’s a carefully calculated system.

What’s the deal? Well, the new Philips OneBlade is an electric groomer specifically designed for guys who usually sport facial hair and shorter-length beards. The styling tool can trim your facial hair down to your idea of the perfect stubble length (1, 3 and 5mm) using one of the three combs that are included. It’s a quick and easy way to maintain your perfect rugged five o’clock shadow, even when you’re on auto-pilot getting ready on those early mornings.

Next? You can also use the precision edging blade to clean things up on your cheeks and neck and help define sharp hair lines on your face. Thinking of shaving down for a cleaner, more sophisticated look? You can use the OneBlade without any combs for a close (and surprisingly comfortable) shave.

It even feels good in your hand.

According to Philips, the blades in the OneBlade electric device have been designed for long-lasting performance, which means you may only need to replace the blade every 4 months. That’s definitely a bonus.

Plus, the Philips OneBlade rings in at $49.99 (Heads up… replacement blades are available for $19.99 for one or $34.99 for two) at most major retailers across Canada, a sticker price that even the most budget-conscious of men can’t really argue with.

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