Want To Sculpt Your Body Into Shape?

Above: It’s possible: you can CoolSculpt your love handles away without ever stepping foot inside the gym.
Want to sculpt your body into shape?

Getting bikini body ready has predominantly been a woman’s thing. An unspoken rule exclusively talked about between women with men never asking any questions. Until recently, that is. While the term bikini ready still remains a woman’s domain, men are however, requesting a once female-dominated service: CoolSculpting, a treatment that effectively eliminates fat on both sexes.

Question: What is CoolSculpting?
Answer: It’s a non-surgical procedure that can eliminate unwanted fat in areas often referred to as love handles and beer bellies and no, dieting and going to the gym aren’t part of the treatment. “Non-surgical body contouring can be done with cooling or heating fat using a variety of techniques, which causes the fat to die and resorb,” explains Dr. Cory S. Goldberg MD, MASc, FRCSC, FACS, MBA, a plastic and craniofacial surgeon at his eponymous clinic in Toronto. Think of it as an alternative to liposuction, where controlled temperatures freeze away fat in localized areas of your body.

Question: What body parts would you use CoolSculpting on?
Answer: The treatment is typically applied to the tummy, love handles, thighs, and upper back. Applied with a non-invasive laser, the service will smooth your fat into oblivion, literally. And while it can be done, it is “less applicable to the arms and under the chin,” says. Dr. Goldberg.

Question: Who can get the treatment?
Answer: Anyone, really. “The best candidates however, are those with the baby bear amount of extra fat and skin,” says Dr. Goldberg. “If there is too little, then the technology can’t be applied. If it’s too much, then the amount of change won’t show and results will be disappointing.”

Question: Why get it now?
Answer: Springtime is ideal to book in for these services, as it is prior to the summer when we’re all focused on looking our best and wearing less clothing. Plus, it usually takes about eight to 12 weeks to see the results, so it leaves enough time to look your best when summer arrives,” affirms Dr. Goldberg.

Question: How many treatments will you need?
Answer: Typically one to two treatments are required, but it’s dependent on the body area and the size of the fat pockets. Each treatment takes no more than one hour.

Question: Is it painful?
Answer: While the service itself is a bit uncomfortable and you may experience a pins and needles sensation and even have some bruising afterwards, overall “the pain is very minimal,” says Dr. Goldberg.

Question: How much does it cost?
Answer: Approximately $700 per treatment.

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