Watch Casey Neistat ‘Travel With Style’ In A J. Crew Suit

Above: Casey Neistat surfs and snowboards in J. Crew's Ludlow Traveler suit
Above: Casey Neistat surfs and snowboards in J. Crew's Ludlow Traveler suit

In order to promote their new Ludlow Traveler suit, J. Crew brought out all the stops, hiring award-winning filmmaker Casey Neistat to create a first-person Travel With Style video. The three-minute filim follows Casey on nine different flights, visiting eight different cities, showcasing what traveling in style really means to him.

The video is intended to highlight the versatility of the new suit, and the fact that you can where it just about anywhere –even while snowboarding and surfing. Welll… not exactly, but you get the point he’s making. The suit’s half-lined, which makes it breathable and lightweight and its Italian wool is woven in a way that resists creasing and wrinkling. As the video demonstrates, you can store your suit jacket in the overhead bin and throw it back on before landing without it getting pummeled. Proving that travel is not just a game of comfort, you can still log miles and maintain your style.

You can watch Casey Neistat’s Travel With Style video for the J. Crew Ludlow Traveler below.

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