Watch Gillette’s New ‘The Best Men Can Be’ Ad On Toxic Masculinity

Gillette has launched a new ad campaign in response to the Me Too movement that encourages men to hold each other to a higher standard.

For the last three decades, the Gillette has revolved around the tagline “The Best A Man Can Get.” Now, to mark a new direction with it’s more inclusive “The Best Men Can Be” tagline, the world’s biggest shaving player has released a short film that directly tackles issues like toxic masculinity—bullying, sexual harassment, sexist media, and the boardroom diminishment of women. The ad explicitly hails the #MeToo movement as a turning point for men and—through the inclusion of some old Gillette advertising material—it implies that the company’s own messaging hasn’t always been on the right side of history.

Watch Gillette’s “The Best Men Can Be” short film below:

Of course, the lengthy ad is already receiving intense criticism on social media from alt-right commentators calling for a boycott of the brand.

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