Watch What Happens When A Guy Shaves Off The Beard He’s Had For 14 Years

Above: An Isreali man stuns his family by shaving off the beard he has had for 14 years

“Maybe it’s a new chapter in my life.”

That’s what 44-year-old Amit says after shaving off the beard he has had for 14 years in “My New Face,” a three-minute film by an Israeli agency for drugstore chain Super-Pharm’s Life razor blades.

In the very beginning of the documentary-style video, Amit describes his expectations after shaving: “Five minutes of shock, bitter weeping for half an hour, then acceptance.” When he actually goes through with it, he doesn’t get that emotional, but things do get emotional watching the way his friends and family members react to his clean-shaven face.

His wife and children (none of whom have ever seen him without a beard) are stunned at the transformation and Amit’s own father doesn’t recognize him until they’re several minutes into a conversation.

You can watch the entire “My New Face” video below:

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