What To Wear To A Fashion Event

If dressing for day-to-day activities is slightly stressful, selecting attire for fashion events is the ultimate anxiety provoker. The challenge with fashion functions is the uncertainty of dress codes, as one can tell from the outrageous outfits seen wandering around fashion week tents. And so how is one to know what’s appropriate and not? After attending many years of WMCFW, including this past SS15, we’ve composed a list of a few pieces that are a sure thing to satisfy your stylish surrounding.


Every well-dressed man knows that black is a sartorial staple for attending the runway. Perhaps it is because so many creative people are known to wear black or maybe it’s simply because black remains the most flattering colour; either way, it continues to be the colour of choice among attendees. To bring depth to the darkness, play with texture—think of adding elements of leather or denim. 


Plaid played a prominent role in this season’s WMCFW. It would often be isolated to the button-down form, providing a feeling of nonchalance. Plaid wasn’t the only hyper-normal exhibit we saw, it spread manifesting itself in ripped jeans, runners and even sweats–an important reminder that fashion doesn’t mean fancy.


Undercuts have become the stylish man’s uniform thanks to their minimal maintenance and universally flattering fit. To individualize your image for the evening, play with different products or change up the part; mini modern tweaks can instantly update a classic.


If you don’t want to show off your quiff, hats are welcome to the party. For many years menswear has been reintroducing the hat and this season is no different. Styles that are appreciated include toques/beanies, fedoras and baseball caps. If you’re going to take the hat route, keep other wardrobe dimensions to a minimum—a cap is a statement in itself.

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