What To Wear To A Winter Brunch

Above: Wondering what to wear to brunch this weekend? (Photo: gpointstudio/Shutterstock)

Brunch (the brilliant meal between breakfast and lunch designed for those of us who find breakfast far too tiring to attend) is experiencing a renaissance, at least certainly in Toronto. What was once a drag on Sundays with the family is now an anticipated event, a party to some. No more sloppy ham and eggs, but rather decadent sweets, intricate dishes and a bunch of superfluous alcohol—who needs Saturday nights when you have Sunday mornings, am I right, k-os? But it’s not just the food and beverages that have been reinvented; brunch-worthy clothing has changed too. You now have to dress up, or more specifically, dress fashionably. Bye-bye sweats (unless they’re luxe and you style them appropriately, but even then), hello a new dish of cozy pieces for upcoming winter brunches.


Cardigans bring an element of visual warmth to your ensembles. Particularly we recommend those with a cable-knit pattern and/or shawl collar. It conveys a message of lightheartedness while maintaining an image of style. Plus, it goes beyond just aesthetic purposes serving some practical assistance; it’ll keep you warm when the weather really bites and you can easily take it off if you’re overheating from misjudging how much Sriracha you poured—it happens to the best of us.


Up your style quotient with an oversized scarf. Again, a piece that captures an effortlessly cool look that will wow your friends. Not only can you wear this item with a variety of outfits, but you can also dramatically change the appearance of a scarf with a quick knot or sweep. If you don’t have one in your wardrobe, start with a solid black or grey hue in a cotton or cashmere fabrication. If you’ve already got a collection, use your scarf as an opportunity to add a pop of colour and play with patterns like paisley and plaid.

Rugged boots

Boots were made for brunches (well not actually, but walk with me). Boots are a luxury and so are brunches, so it only makes sense that we buddy them up. Try a combat style if you want that high-fashion flair, desert boots if you are a traditional at heart and Chelsea boots for the really urbane, traveling by bike, even in the winter.

Tailored jeans

No need to wear trousers, jeans will do for brunch but you’re going to want to select a pair that is tailored exceptionally. Remember, it’s daylight now; you can’t just throw on whatever and hope to get away with it. While light washes are definitely acceptable, the increased formality of brunch makes us prefer a darker denim variety.

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