Apple Just Unveiled the Biggest iPhone Ever

Above: A screenshot of the Apple event in California (September 12, 2018)

The next wave of iPhone devices is already well upon us. On Wednesday morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a fresh new batch of iPhones at the company’s keynote address in Cupertino. Dubbed the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the duo of updated mobile units will be outfitted with cutting-edge features including super durable glass and waterproof technology.

Even more exciting, however, is that the XS Max will boast the largest iPhone screen to date, equipped with a sizeable 6.5-inch retina display. The hefty piece also clocks in larger than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9, which is 6.4 inches in length. At the event today, Cook claimed that the iPhone X was already the world’s most advanced smartphone, but that these upcoming editions are “next level”.

Apple VP of worldwide marketing, Philip Schiller, told the eager audience that the new iPhone XS and XS Max are the “most beautiful phones” the company has ever made. Not only will the devices have crisp stereo sound, but photos on the new phone will also be improved. According to their development, Apple says that pictures on the XS and Max will have a 60% greater dynamic range than the regular iPhone X.

Of course, the exciting new iPhones aren’t the only announcements being made by Apple today. You can follow along with the remainder of the press conference here via CNN.

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