Apple Reportedly Working on New Line of Headphones

Above: A new version of the AirPods may be in development

Diehard fans of Apple know that the company has a pretty minimal selection when it comes to official headphones. Sure they have the basic pods and a venture with Dr. Dre’s Beats, but there still hasn’t been many options in the brand’s audio realm. Thankfully, the global tech juggernaut is now doubling down on headphones and is now in the process of developing a bunch of new products for Appleheads everywhere.

According to reports out of Bloomberg, the design team in Culpertino are in the midst of creating a fresh line of head gear that may include slick high-end AirPods, and a brand spanking new over-ear edition. But it’s not just headphones either, as according to Bloomberg, consumers will also be gifted by another shiny toy: an updated HomePod model, perfect for entertaining guests and jamming out at home.

Despite the considerable quality of Apple’s previous in-ears, many of us have dreamt of studio quality accessories. The good news is that the team is rumoured to be crafting high-end AirPods that will satisfy hardcore music lovers. Not only will they sound great, but the upcoming model will also come equipped with noise cancellation and water resistance. As mentioned, those of us worried about losing the bluetooth gear can rest easy knowing that Apple will be providing an over-ear option.

The studio-quality over-ears will compete with other expensive headphones from standards like Bose Corp. and Sennheiser. Bloomberg points out that they will indeed use Apple branding and be presented as an elite alternative to Dre’s Beats line. Of course all of this is still speculation, and Apple has yet to release an official statement. Still, sources are hinting at a market release early next year. In the meantime, you can read the full report over at Bloomberg here.

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