Good News: Apple Will Replace Your Old iPhone Battery

Just a couple of weeks ago, Apple surprised consumers with a rather transparent report. Following a lengthy Reddit thread that provided a detailed walkthrough for improving older iPhone models by replacing their batteries, the tech giant released an official statement confirming ongoing device tampering. Apple’s statement regarding the matter revealed that user phones were indeed being slowed down in order to deal with complex updates.

Naturally, some were quick to accuse the company of corporate greed and claimed that the move was only made to encourage the purchase of newer iPhone models. Apple on the other hand, reassured its customers that performance adjustments are in everyone’s best interest, and that the tampering was only greenlit to extend the life of aging iPhones operating new software updates.

Regardless of the intent, Apple’s statement sent shockwaves across the internet, leaving some on social media questioning their smartphone allegiances. Other users were quick to jump ship, claiming that the performance meddling spurred them to shell out cash and grab recent Samsung and Google gadgets.

Now, and in an effort to restore consumer trust, Apple is promising to replace old batteries in recent iPhone models for a small flat rate. As we previously mentioned, one of the main catalysts for slower performance rates in older iPhones was the preservation of waning batteries. In a show of good faith, Apple hopes that its loyalists will swap in newer packs at their nearest Genius Bar. The trade can be done regardless of diagnostic test results, which were required up until this new offer was announced earlier today.

To see if you’re eligible for the change, be sure to visit an Apple Store and book a Genius appointment. You can also contact Apple support to find out more details on the offer.

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