Chris Brown Had His Lamborghini Customized To Look Like A Hot Wheels Car

Breezy's tricked out ride (Photo: Twitter)
Breezy's tricked out ride (Photo: Twitter)

Chris Brown had his Lamborghini customized to look like a giant Hot Wheels car. The 23-year-old rapper had his ride pimped by West Coast Customs’ Ryan, who took the black Lamborghini and painted it bold blue, yellow, white and red.

Breezy debuted the tricked out ride last night on Twitter before heading out to paparazzi-infested Supperclub in Hollywood last night. Subtle, right?

Let’s hope Brown’s ridiculous Hot Wheels inspired Lamborghini won’t suffer the same fate as his Porsche, which he destroyed in a pre-Grammys crash back in February.

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  1. Before WCC did the Hot Wheels paint job, the Lambo wasn’t black. It’s was painted to look like a fighter-jet.

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