How To Do Foreplay… The Right Way

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that it takes women just a little (see: A LOT) longer to get warmed up before the big deed than it does for a man. So please, please, my devoted audience, be gentlemen and read on, as we give a lesson on how to do foreplay… the right way.

Talk to her

The best and most important tip we can give you is to not be afraid to talk to your woman both in and out of the bedroom. Ask her what she likes and dislikes, what turns her on and what turns her off. Trust us, knowing these things will pay off. Especially when she asks the same questions in return… 

Know your “EZ” targets

Ha! Get it? E-Z… like easy? All right, nevermind. What we are trying to say here is to do your research boys. Take some time out of your schedule to actually look into the female form and those lovely things known as the erogenous zones. It might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised. And this knowledge is invaluable. Really.

Don’t forget her other senses

Yes, touch will go a long way in the bedroom but for women, a group of very highly sensitive creatures, our other senses play just as important a role in getting us primed and ready. Get some sexy music going, light a couple candles, and please, please, please…wash your sheets.

Strip her

There is something insanely sexy about having someone peel off your clothes… so… very… slowly. Taking your time on buttons and zippers and clasps is an anticipation-building, tension-heightening trick that works as a tool for driving not just her crazy, but you as well.

Avoid her hot spots

Wait, what? This sounds like it completely defeats the prior point, correct? Wrong. Take note: the guy who goes straight for the breasts? He’s greedy and we don’t like him. Women need to be teased and seduced and appreciated. That is what really turns us on. When you’ve done that, then go for the gold.

Talk dirty

No, we don’t want an entire monologue straight out of a porn flick, but we like to hear how sexy we are and how crazy we are making you. Believe us, turning you on is one of the best ways to turn us on, so let us know when we’re doing a good job.

Go downtown

This one doesn’t really need an explanation… and if it does, you’re not doing it. And you should be.

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