5 Signs It’s Time To Move On

When it comes to dating, perseverance can be a double edged sword. If you keep trying, she might eventually give in, and give you a chance (or two). Or she might call you a stalker behind your back. Girls like to play hard to get, and guys like to pursue, and even if you dated for a while and it has fizzled, that dynamic still exists. But how do you know when it is time to pack it in, and delete her number? Good question. Here are five signs that even trying to be friends with her is a waste of time.

You are her last resort-hang out

Does she ask you to go to a movie an hour before it starts, even though you asked two days ago, and didn’t get a response? You are her backup person. No one else was available, so she threw you a bone. If you aren’t her priority, then why should she be yours? This will become obvious the more times it happens, so if she is consistently keeping you on the back burner just in case her preferred plans don’t work out, it is clear you aren’t that important to her.

She never initiates a conversation

Do you find yourself always being the one to say hi? Are you constantly wondering if she will even bother to text you back at all? Sorry to break it to you, but she probably isn’t interested. A girl who is worth pursuing will try, at least a little bit, to show you that she wants to talk to you. Even if it is just an off-hand comment about hearing a song she knows you like, she will try to start a conversation. If she only responds half-heartedly, or not at all, most of the time, then send your texts elsewhere.

Her friends ignore you too

If you run into one of her friends, are they happy to see you? If they act awkward and uncomfortable, and clearly don’t want to talk to you, cut your losses. If you are attempting to remain friends with her, and her other friends aren’t aware of it, she has probably told them that she is done with you. She is phasing you out, but doesn’t know how to just say it. Don’t embarrass yourself by showing up to her best friend’s birthday, when they clearly just sent you a pity invite. Have some pride, and let her go.

You suspect she is seeing someone else

Some girls might try to make you jealous by being obvious about their active love lives. This could be an indication that she wants to keep you interested (but think about whether you want a girl that plays these kinds of games, anyway). But if she is quietly seeing other people, and makes no move to check if you are okay with it, then it’s clear – she doesn’t care about you. If at the very least, she wanted to be friends, she would be considerate of your feelings. On the other hand, if she talks to you about other guys, and doesn’t care if it makes you uncomfortable, that might be even worse.

She has deleted you from all social media

You used to be Facebook friends, you followed each other on Twitter, and Instagram, and you even got the occasional Snapchat. But now, all her social media updates have mysteriously vanished. If you look into it, and find that she has removed you from all her accounts, or even worse, blocked you, it is definitely time to hang up your hat. Not only does she not want to talk to you, but she doesn’t want to know you exist. Trying to contact her after she has banished you from her social media feeds will only result in one thing: cold, and utter silence.

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