Dear Jennifer Lawrence: Please Don’t Change

Above: Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet at the 85th annual Academy Awards

Jennifer Lawrence is just about everyone’s “It Girl” right about now, and with good reason.

In addition to kicking ass in her Oscar-winning performance as Tiffany Maxwell in Silver Linings Playbook, the 22-year-old beauty was genuinely awesome when she had a real-life star-struck encounter with Jack Nicholson as she was being interviewed by George Stephanopolous after this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favour, hit Google, and enjoy Lawrence in all her gob-smacked greatness.

Jack’s pretty boss too.

Lawrence is on top of the world and we’ve got our fingers crossed that she remains the talented, funny, captivating enchantress that has captured our attention over the last couple years, and doesn’t suddenly take a turn towards Doucheville, Forgottenland, or Her Again Island like some of her “It Girl” predecessors have done in the past.

You know who had Lawrence-levels of awesomeness just a couple years ago? Emma Stone. Do you know what Emma Stone is now? She’s the cinematic equivalent to Rihanna. She’s everywhere, always, all the time.

We still think she’s hot and funny and still loved her in Superbad and Easy A and her opening sequence appearance in Friends with Benefits (John Fuckin’ Mayer!), but there were two major movies in 2011, The Amazing Spider-Man last summer, what seemed like a “let’s stick Emma Stone opposite Ryan Gosling” casting in Gangster Squad earlier this year, and another turn as Spidey’s love interest Gwen Stacy next year already on the calendar.

There’s no real chance of Lawrence following “The Gretchen Mol Path to Forgottenville” in the next couple years, what with the second installment of both The Hunger Games and X-Men First Class series on deck, so that’s good to know. Those two vehicles also make it damn near impossible for us to believe that she’ll suddenly turn all artsy and obnoxious as well. After all, those are projects that carry big paychecks, but are still fun, so there is no way she’d walk away from them at this point.

Which leaves “Doucheville” as an option. Having seen how well Lawrence carried herself throughout awards season – and her excellent “make fun of myself while making fun of others” monologue from her hosting turn on SNL earlier this year – it seems safe to say that Katniss Everdeen isn’t going to suddenly to go off the rails, only answer to “J-Law,” and start douching it up.

At least we hope not, because right now, Jennifer Lawrence is awesome, and we love her, just like everyone else.

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