5 Ways To Last Longer In Bed

Undoubtedly one of the most embarrassing experiences in a man’s life happens when he’s in bed, doing his thing, pleasing his lady, and then all of a sudden – well, you know what happens next.

Which makes it no surprise that one of the most common questions men have is how to last longer in bed. Well, gentlemen, you know we’re always here to help. So, alas…

Slow down your solo work

You know that age-old saying that practice makes perfect? Well holds true, even here. When you are masturbating start giving yourself a goal, a length of time (say 15 minutes to start) before you can allow yourself to ejaculate. You will have hits and misses, but slowly as you creep closer to that mark you will learn your triggers and how to stop yourself before you hit the point of no return.

Stunt the stimulants

You know all those things that you love about the ladies — our big, bouncy, beautiful breasts, our lacy little underthings, or our sexy-as-sin six inch stilettos designed specifically to drive you crazy? Forget all about them. Yes, really. Even if they are staring you straight in the face. Close your eyes, bite your tongue, and think of the absolute most excruciating experience you’ve ever had or would never want to have. What ever brings you less pleasure than what you’re currently experiencing down below.

Let her take the lasso

Starting to feel a little too close for comfort during the deed? The most simple solution is to switch it up and let your lady ride cowgirl for a while. Having sex with her on top will bring less stimulation to the penis, which will allow you some time to recover and can allow her some time feel good time — being on top can actually be one of the most satisfying positions for a women.

Do your sexercises

You know those awesome muscles that help when you’re in line outside the bar and you’ve had four beers and really have to go? Well conveniently they are also the muscles that can help you withhold ejaculation…and strengthen your erection…and, at times, provide a more intense orgasm. Basically we’ll just start referring to them as them as the miracle muscle, OK? Kegal exercises, men. Know them and love them.

Wear a condom

We get it, when you’ve been with your lady for forever and a day, the thought of returning to the usage of the dreaded condom doesn’t even sound remotely appealing, right? It doesn’t feel as good, right? You’ll get all desensitized, right? Wait…isn’t that the point? To not feel as much. Hey, it’s worth a shot right?

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