Cohabitation 101: Your Living Together Survival Guide

Cohabitation 101 (Photo: Tomasz Trojanowski/Sutterstock)

So you’re taking the plunge, you’ve asked her to move in and now… well, in all honesty, now you are panicking, right? Moving in together is a huge step in any relationship and one that takes a lot of preparation (both physical and mental) for a guy. Here are our best tips and tricks for how to survive living with your pretty new housemate.

 Be flexible

Unless you want to be in a perpetual state of arguing with your lady, learn to be flexible. Watching every game? Playing countless hours of video games? Eating pizza for three meals a day? Those will probably be things you won’t get to do quite as often any more. Compromise will be your favorite new word.  Embrace it.

Talk it out

Plain and simple, if she is being annoying or a raging b****, tell her. Neither of you will get anywhere by bottling up your anger for too long and none of your problems will ever get solved by it either. You need to have honest and open lines of communication, it will be the only way to guarantee you will both stay happy and sane.

Laugh a lot

On the flip side, don’t take everything so seriously! Know when you are dealing with an issue that needs to be dealt with in a mature manner and when you are dealing with one that can be laughed off. And then do just that, laugh at it. A lot.

Give her space

Contrary to what you may think, we don’t actually want to see your face 24/7, so don’t get offended when we need a little time to ourselves. We were strong, fierce, independent women before you and if you want us to stay that way, you better respect our bubble.

Build memories

You know what? Sometimes it is okay for the two of you to lie on the couch for an entire day, watching bad TV, and eating multiple delivered-to-your-door meals straight out of their containers. The house won’t get cleaned, you won’t make the gym, and your backlog of work won’t get done but we guarantee you these are the memories you want to make, don’t miss out on them.

Don’t go to bed angry

Cliché, we know, but ask any man who has ever lived with a woman and you will know how true this one holds. Plus it saves you from one night waking up to find her sitting on your chest with her hands around your throat, right?

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