The Top 10 Relationship Mistakes Men Make

Ever looked back at the end of a relationship and wondered where the heck it all went wrong? Chances are, if you didn’t do something terribly obvious (ie. double-dipping your baby maker), then one or more of these mistakes were probably your undoing.

10. Treating her like a maid

She is your girlfriend dude, not a person paid to pick up your dirty clothes, clean your apartment and/or cook you dinner. If you’re looking for that person, hire a maid. Show her a little more respect.

9. Keeping your social calendar a secret

No, she doesn’t need to know where you are at all times but she would like to. And yes, it’s a freedom crusher having to run your social life by her but believe us, nothing can kill trust faster than acting like you don’t want her to know where you are.

8. Failing to show weakness

We get it guys, in the outside world you need to appear strong and stable and in control. All. The. Time. But with us? Ditch the act. We’re the person who is going to love you, flaws and all. We’ll probably love you more for admitting them. So do.

7. Being indecisive

There is nothing more annoying than hearing the word’s: “Doesn’t matter, whatever you want to do…” come out of your mouth all the time. While we like to do what we want to do, there is a lot to be said for a man who can take the lead.

6. Getting too comfortable

We love you, we really do. But all those disgusting things you do when you’re alone or with your buddies (see: farting, burping, not showering, eating gross things, etc), they have no place in our relationship. Ever.

5. Being too controlling

There is nothing that will push away a woman faster than trying to control her life. The women of this generation are strong, empowered, independent souls and there are very few of us who will stand for being told what they can and cannot do by anyone, let alone their partner.

4. Being too nice

On the other end of the spectrum, there is something to be said for not being a push-over. We know you love us and you are willing to do just about anything to keep us happy but there is a fine balance of power that needs to be met and if you can’t show the confidence to stand your ground we will walk all over you…and then get bored.

3. Forgetting about intimacy

While she might love a good session in the sack just as much as the next girl, women need a different level of intimacy in relationships that comes through both physically and emotionally. Don’t ever forget the power of simply talking to her.

2. Showing no appreciation

We like it when you tell us we’re smart/pretty/funny/beautiful/amazing. This is why we fish for compliments (duh). Because believe us, if you aren’t going to appreciate what you got, you can bet we’re going to find someone else who will.

1. Avoiding conflict

We know, we can be scary when we’re angry. Like really scary. But running off to your man cave when ever problems arise will only cause us to get more angry. You know what will calm us down? Talking. Which we know you hate it. But do it anyway.

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