How To Pick An Engagement Ring She’ll Love

How to pick out the perfect engagement ring

You’ve decided you want to ask her to be your wife and now need to find a ring that she’ll love. But how to know if the style you choose is one she’ll swoon for? Put a little effort into your research in the months leading up to your proposal, and you can end one that she’ll love so much, she’ll wonder how you could’ve possibly known.

Know your diamonds

Read up on cut, clarity and colour and carat weight. You’ll often hear that you should go for greater clarity and cut grade and that’s a good rule of thumb. If you know she really has her heart set on a really large stone (and assuming money is an object for you) then you could consider compromising (but any diamond expert would disagree).

Pay attention and ask sneaky questions

Did good friend of yours get engaged, or have you been watching lots of rom coms with your girlfriend? Or maybe a celebrity couple just got engaged. Pay attention to whether she comments on the engagement rings, or if you can be subtle about it, make an offhand comment about the ring to get her opinion on it. “Oh, that’s interesting that he bought her a pink diamond, don’t you think?” Throw out some leading questions and see how she replies.

Ask her girlfriends

As long as you can trust they won’t ruin your surprise proposal by spilling the beans, ask her close girlfriends if they know what style of ring she wants. This is the type of thing many women talk about, so it’s likely they have some idea what shape and band she is fond of.

Look at her wardrobe and jewellery collection

Does it tend to be the latest trends or does she prefer classic designs? Consider her style muses — is it Beyonce or Cate Blanchett? You might even want to take a secret snapshot of the jewelry she wears and the jeweler may be able to help you figure out what her ring style is.

Have her shop with you for her ring

You know her well enough to know whether you proposing without a ring will matter to her. She may be very romantic and want the whole down-on-one knee propsal with a ring you chose. But you know if she’s pragmatic and with a touching proposal, she’d be just as happy selecting her own ring with you.

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