Christmas Gift Ideas For Her 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas For Her 2017

It’s down to the crunch – mere weeks before Christmas, and you’re stuck on what to buy the lady in your life. Well, thankfully, we’ve got some fab ideas that you’ll not only be able to get in the nick of time, but also make her très happy.

Between chic apparel, handbags, deliciously scented soaps, chic boots, or gorgeous timepiece, trust us – you’re all set. Yeah, we made it simple and easy for you.

1. California-based designer Sori Brand touts its apparel as “state-of-the-art knitwear, using revolutionary complete-garment technology” – which means no unsightly or annoying seams. (Usually, garments are made in pieces, then sewn together – not with Sori.)

Whether she’s a millennial, Gen-Xer, Baby Boomer, or anywhere in between, she’ll love how these garments are enjoyably soft, lightweight, modern, with a stretch and mobility you don’t often get with off-the-rack apparel.

Plus, any one of them are “everywhere” garments, good for home, work, parties, special occasions or a night out. In Canada, the products are available at Cedar and Vine, and Snapdragon Designs. In the US, at Need Supply, Corey and Co., Covet, and Candy & Co. and others. (Avg. price $250)

2. She carries around her bag/purse everywhere, so with a handbag from Saidpur Enterprises, it’s not only a practical gift, but one that is directly helping other women.

Saidpur Enterprises’ General Manager M. Ghayasuddin has hired mothers and wives to work in the Bangladeshi factory, empowering them with gainful employment, while aiming to break the cycle of poverty in the region. By doing so, he wants them “to take ownership of their craft, and invest in their own future”. Saidpur Enterprises’ variety of high quality handbags are perfectly made for travelers and everyday use for women. Many of the bags are made with environmentally-friendly jute fibre – that, like flax and hemp, is durable, water proof and lightweight. (Prices range from $40 to $100.)

3. If the lady in your life wants to add a hard to find, and one of a kind, Caribbean flair to her accessories, ADM’s Lair could be where she begins to make her friends jealous. Bahamas-based ADM’s Lair specializes in producing unique artistic creations, including handcrafted seashell and silver necklaces, earrings, and other items. (Prices range from $40 to $200.)

4.  Whether it’s hand cream, bath soap, bath seltzers, mineral baths, skin lotion (etc), O’Canada Soap Works has got her covered (literally). Lee Ann DeCoteau worked within the skin care industry for twenty years, affording her the experience and insight to launch O’Canada Soapworks in 2000. The soaps are not only biodegradable, and environmentally friendly, but also handmade in the traditional “cold kettle” way, mixed, stirred, poured and cut by hand. The company boasts that the soaps contain “a bounty of natural ingredients”, including as rich carrier oils, milks, clays, roots, spices, fruit purees and essential oils, to name a few. Soap scents include: mint/basil, carrot/pumpkin, crabapple, pink grapefruit, strawberries and cream, and scores of others, including a candy cane scented soap bar! The vast selection of products guarantees you can buy a new package for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and her birthday, and never give her the same gift twice. This, indeed, is the gift that will leave her smelling nibbly delicious. (Prices range from $6 to $15 per product).

5. The distinctively Scandinavian-styled ECCO Women’s Noyce Lite Boot will keep her feet cozy and insulated in the chilly weather. A fur-covered inlay ensures feet are snug and warm, and its specially-designed features allow fresh air to circulate within the boot. ($240)

6. Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. V watch is a modern, high-performance timepiece that is sleek, stylish and versatile. It’s all ‘round classy timepiece that’s built to be sturdy, having undergone 130 durability tests. The case is scratch-resistant, triple-coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and water-resistant to 200 metres. It comes in a blue/red or grey/pink paracord strap, perfect to match with the Men’s I.N.O.X., which comes in a black or green paracord strap. ($625).

Whatever your budget, all of these gift ideas can show a man’s charm and personality, thoughtfulness and creativity, while putting a smile on his woman’s face.

By: Dave Gordon

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